Payment & Ordering:

We accept payment via bank transfer.

Please confirm payment on the website.

Shipping & Delivery:

Orders will be shipped 1-2 workings days after payment has been confirmed.

Shipment will be through JNE REG.

Return & Exchange Policy:

We do not accept refund. If the product you received is damaged during transit, we will allow exchange. However, we always try to make sure that the package is prepared well and in good condition. Plase contact our admin staff through email or texts should you require extra assistance.


Why do our products have different colour or smell from batch to batch?

We strive hard to use natural botanicals as our raw materials as much as possible. Our raw materials are mostly naturally derived and can differ from batch to batch depending on the season, weather and suppliers.

Why do I sometimes see little residue at the bottom of the products that were purchased?

Our products are made entirely from natural ingredients, including oils that naturally become cloudy in cooler temperatures and/or natural additives that may sediment upon standing. This is normal, and not in any sign of spoilage. Feel free to shake before use.